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Is losing weight the one thing that holds you back from happiness?
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Everything we've been taught about losing weight is wrong 
Here's the Truth 
Of course you’ve tried to lose weight before!  Let me guess, you get started, maybe lose a few pounds, maybe even get through a program...

Then, boom! You end up gaining the weight back and more, just so you can try and lose the same weight all over again. But this time around, a little later on in life, it’s even tougher.  

You work, take care of loved ones and you barely get enough rest. You've been trying to cram all of your responsibilities into each day with barely enough time to go to the grocery store - let alone the gym!

You're frustrated with everything and your fuse is burning at both ends. You've been doing everything you can do just to keep it all together. 

You’ve tried everythingplanners, coaches, fad diets, weight-watching – nothing seems to be sustainable.

I get it! I’ve been there. 

If it was just a will thing, you would have had this fixed years ago, but it has nothing to do with will or desire. 

In your heart, you know you’ve been looking for a simple way, an easier way, a proven solution that works – regardless of how you approach it. 

A simple daily "visit to yourself" that works, regardless of available time, something that meets you where you are - with a no B.S. approach. 

Could there be a system that gives you better, faster results in your overall self-image and physical health - with minimal, daily "self-visits"?

At your core, you know there has to be a better way to health and vitality. 

There has to be more than just diet and exercise to get your body toned and you feeling attractive. 

Why has nothing worked thus far?

Just adding more effort, pushing and trying harder, maybe starving yourself, adding longer hours and exercising more adds to the stress and ticking time bomb you feel inside yourself. 

I think we all try different versions of these approaches and they simply don’t work to unite your body, mind and spirit. Without finding that center inside yourself, you never really start the diet or routine with any real strength! 

You eventually end up right back where you began, or worse - with all kinds of destruction in the wake of your many efforts:

Thousands of dollars wasted on books, programs, gym memberships, supplements, etc. ...
Hours and hours of needless stress...
Failing or not starting - allowing pathways to form in your mind, prompting negative, destructive thoughts...
Completely wasted time and effort on programs that never really worked - or weren't attuned to your particular needs...
These are all surface problems, but here is the real issue... 
The sad truth is that most of us live our lives in complete deadlock. The years have broken us down, we've added more and more responsibilities and every day we lose another piece of ourselves. 

It seems to always come to the old adage of "no time and no money." And, even when we do get ahold of some time and money to take action, we don't seem to be able to find the knowledge. What's the very next step I need to take, then the next, and so on.... 

I only know this because, if you're feeling the lowest of your lows in life, I was in your shoes not that long ago. It felt like the spark of my youthful optimism, joy and happiness was slowly being snuffed out - and I think this happens to many of us. Frankly, my path would have taken me to a hopeless, cynical world view if I had not had an epiphany - fearing nothing would ever work or ever change - ultimately feeling like I'd failed at life. 

Thankfully my dyslexia, the very thing I thought was my weakness, revealed an unconventional approach and led me to discover 
the most amazing secret.... 
Honestly I didn’t even think my approach would work, but I quickly discovered I was very wrong...

Once I was able to fully implement the system, I started seeing results very quickly, Finally, the pain I’d been carrying for years began to fade away and was replaced with energy and possibility.

My coworkers started asking me what I was doing, so I decided I would formulate my approach and publish my findings for others who were experiencing the same struggles I was having. 

Here is my story
In 2007 I owned a very successful mortgage company with several offices. I had a beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids. I was living the good life – nice home, nice cars. Blah blah blah... 

I felt like I had arrived and that I had it all. 

Then in 2008, the mortgage crash hit! 

I had to shut down all my business locations, lay off all the people who worked for me and devastate their families — which I felt were my extended family

I didn’t know what was going to happen and what we would do. 

I had no idea how I was going to take care of my family. I was scared – often frozen with fear. I started drinking heavily and stopped taking care of myself. I started gaining a ton of weight very quickly. 

When I went to my doctor he said I was pre-diabetic and I needed to change my life immediately or suffer the consequences. 

But I didn’t know how to turn it all around! I sank deeper into a depression as the bills kept piling up. I withdrew more and more from my friends and family. I was lost and rapidly losing hope. 

Don’t get me wrong, I tried every conventional thing we are taught — "diet and exercise, try harder, work more, wake up earlier, mind over matter, just push yourself, be disciplined. Don’t you want it enough?" You know the feeling and self talk...

I would get up early Monday morning and go to the gym. Maybe also get there on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was so freaking exhausted I had to recover the rest of the week. Just to try it again next week. 

The truth of the matter, more than just wanting to look and feel better, I was a broken person inside. My hopes and dreams were shattered and nothing I was doing seemed to be working. 

I was totally stuck!

Then one day the phone rang!  It was my little brother William who I hadn’t seen nor heard from in a long time and he asked me to be his best man at his wedding! 

I could hear the excitement in his voice, I said I would be honored, congratulated him and got off the phone. 

I was so excited for him! But, the more I sat there and began to think about the festivities — and that I would be seeing so many people that I hadn’t seen since my own wedding —

Fear and shame started to creep in – and I became very apprehensive.  

For quite some time, I had been hiding from mostly everyone I knew. I was embarrassed that I let myself go so far. 

Determination welled from deep within me!  I wanted to be the best man for him – for myself – and for my family. 

But I only had 90 days before the wedding! That’s just how my family sometimes does things. 

The problem was everything that I was already trying still wasn’t working! 

You see I’m dyslexic. Because my mind doesn’t work in the same linear way as most people, I view problems and the world a little differently. It's actually forced me to train my mind to "chunk" all my tasks into "simple, systematic solutions." 

Whereas dyslexia is one of my greatest weaknesses, it is also my greatest strength! It helps me to think outside of the box. It challenges me to find solutions when and where others don't seem to be looking.

It was my dyslexia that enabled me to do what I call "thought chunking" experiments. And, in this particular crisis, the heavens opened on this gathering together and pulling in everything that I had studied through the years. 

All of my resistance training, martial arts, yoga, meditation, breathing, motivational teachings and even the simple wisdom discovered in people watching – it all started to come together in my mind! 

Have you ever had that epiphany moment or revelation just come to you like a flash of lightning in your head and heart?

I began to look at everything as brand new... Stringing different theories together, taking into account all the information from my past encounters and lessons – opening me to new ideas from the years of discipline I had in all of these areas! 

I was feverishly searching for a new formula. I had to find the answer I was missing!

Then I had the epiphany!
I penciled down some specific movements and everything just began to make sense! All of my life's experiences united together! I knew I was provided the solution for my desperate situation!

I didn’t even tell anyone what I had chosen to do because of past failures, not even my wife! 

Then I started working my plan. The method I formulated began uniting all my life pursuits together. It gave me the answer I had been looking for. 

Well, within only three weeks, I was stepping out of the shower and my wife said to me “Aaron, have you been working out?”  I remember being a little embarrassed and told her what I was doing and what I had come up with. 

With that little bit of encouragement, I started paying much more attention to every aspect of my health — nutrition, water intake, sleep, etc.. 

As it became easier for me,  I realized I had a solid method for the making the most important things top-of-mind and SO simple to accomplish!

Because of the way I designed the protocol, it became clear that my Simple, Sustainable, Solution was a beautiful way to transform anything in my life!!! 

I became more mindful of better choices and everything changed.

It was the power of one isometric movement that launched me into a world of TRANSFORMATIONAL change.

It has totally revolutionized how I live my life and, I believe, it was a gift meant to flow through me, not just to me.

When I embarked on this journey, my motive was more about my outer shell – my fleshly exterior and my own vanity. 

But, by an opening of understanding, what I discovered was the true, inner work that I  needed to do. The systematic approach  I'm about to reveal to you, has transformed my life and helped me define who I choose  to be – at the core of my being. 

In only 3 months before the wedding, I lost 67.8 pounds!  But, more importantly, I found my passion for life and discovered a way  not only to lose weight  but to keep it off for over eight years

The delight of my wife over my changes as well as compliments from others made me wonder...

what if this concept would be as powerful for others as it has been for me?

As my transformation became more evident to all, my good friend from the office, Tad, also asked me what I was doing. We conversed together and I shared with my simple, awesome formula – and how the pounds literally flew off because I simply followed the clear, easy steps at the foundation of my Minute Movement Quickstart Program!

Tad asked if I would help him do what I'd been doing! It ignited a passion to serve and a purpose for others that set me on a journey that brings you and I together today.

So I've created the Minute Movement Quickstart Bundle and, as these "COVID-19" times have called for us ALL to rise up and be our best selves.

And, remember, you are just one minute away....
Aaron Wright
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You no longer obsess over your weight...
You have more time in your day...
Stress is a thing of the past...
And you are finally able to experience the life you want!
If that were so... 

if you felt GREAT about your weight – AND your height – AND EVERYTHING...

if you had an OPEN, yet EFFECTIVE schedule – allowing you precious time with loved ones...

if you no longer felt the gnawing, upsetting pain of anxiety and could experience the love you deserve and fulfill your destiny and purpose...

if you were, right now, the most confident and prosperous version of yourself...

How would you be more present for your relationships that matter to you?
How would you display your confidence?

How excited would you be for your next reunion, wedding or get together?

How would it be to finally have the answers and know how to have it all? 

Imagine the sense of accomplishment you'll feel. The clarity you'll have for your purpose in life. You'll look and feel better – and be more in control of your life. 

You'll finally have the self respect and LOVE for yourself you were designed for.

When you start your journey today you will have the joy and peace of finally belonging to your tribe – a group of like minded, goal-driven people who welcome you with an unconditional acceptance that you've been searching for. 

I can't wait to personally hear your story of transformation and lessons learned! You won't be able to help but inspire and encourage others on their path. 

Will you dance? Will you sing? Will you scream with joy and excitement? How will you celebrate when you have no inhibitions and you find only freedom and break through? 

...that moment of all moments that matters – that micro decision that changes ALL of your moments!

Come be recognized for your awesomeness in taking your first step! 

Minute Movement is more than just a program to lose weight... 
It's about transforming your life.
It's finally here – the
Minute Movement 
Quickstart Bundle
A 5 week Quickstart Bundle to Transform your life – one minute at time.
Here's what you get!
Minute Movement Quickstart Book 
The Quickstart program is everything you need to jump right in to my five week program introducing you to the Minute Movement. It's complete with clear explanations, tracking and measurement charts. 
The  program systematically packs my simple, effective exercises into a non-traditional method that works – with a very short investment of time. My unique blend of isometric, isotonic and stretching exercises make Minute Movement highly customizable to you! Regardless of your age, fitness level or schedule, it can be done anywhere – at any time

This patent-pending method was specifically designed to engage, educate and motivate you to make lasting changes – one minute at a time.
Minute Movement Meditations
Train your subconscious mind. Choose your state of being.

Scientifically engineered "Binaural" (immersive) meditations at 432Hz, Minute Meditations will help you manage your energy to be the person you have chosen yourself to be – at a cellular level. 

This one-minute daily meditation doesn’t just reboot your metabolism, it reboots your MIND. 

You’ll become more aware... of the passing time... of the details of your friends' and loved-ones' faces... and of the simple but brilliant glory of your smallest steps forward.
Video Instruction
Access my online training videos anywhere! You will never be alone as I walk you through every aspect of my Minute Movement lessons. 

My videos coach you through each Minute Movement and through every phase of your transformation!

I also provide you detailed instructions and walk-throughs of my Minute Movement self-assessment forms. 
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1
Whole Food Weight Loss System 

My Whole Food Weight Loss System gives you insights into a clean way of eating. If you follow these principles, I know you will find the weight loss you've been craving! 

Eating whole, clean-burning foods is an essential part of all well-balanced systems – and my Whole Food Weight Loss System shows you everything you need to know to SUCCEED.
Bonus #2

Private Facebook Group 

Your private Facebook Group will be so important as you go on this journey. You'll be able to connect with like-minded people in a safe, private setting. You'll be free to share your stories, your victories and your struggles with people JUST LIKE YOU! As you embark on this amazing transformation, this is your safe place. 
Bonus #3

Mindful Eating Nutrition Diary - Progress Tracking Tool for Food Sensitivities 

This is the very best one-page printable tool – designed to track all of your food-intake, moods, water-intake, fruits, veggies, sleep, meals and much more.

We manage what we measure and there isn't a better tool than our food journal. 

I'm giving you everything you need to begin your journey! 
Give yourself the next 5 weeks and 
see if Minute Movement is as great as I say!

I Dare You To Give It A Try
limited time offer!
My COVID-19 Pay-what-You-Can-afford Offer to You Only lasts until Quarantine is over. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm so sure this will work for you that, whether you "pay-what-you-can" or not, you have a full 30 days to try the program! If, for any reason you aren't satisfied, for those who have paid, you have a full personal money back guarantee.
Now it's time for the....
you to make the decision.
Give yourself the gift of health and make the most of COVID-19 by grabbing onto a new way of life and a complete transformation. Reverse the effects of staying at home! 

My Minute Movement Quickstart Bundle is going to cause you to feeland lookGREAT

I promise you, this journey of vitality is well worth it. Get instant access to everything that you will need right now! 

I don't know how long I'll be able to make this available as "pay what you can."  I reserve the right to close this offer down if we have too many people jumping on board – as we can only afford to give away 10,000 subscriptions.

Remember, life is a game of time, measured by minutes, make your minutes matter. 

You are only one minute away.... 

-Aaron Wright
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • Minute Movement Quick Start Guide  ($97 Value)
  • Minute Meditations to leverage your state of being ($97 Value)
  • Video Instruction for movements  ($97 Value)
  • Whole Food Weight Loss System ($97 Value)
  • Private, Secure Facebook Group – a safe place ($97 Value)
  • ​High Quality Mindful Eating Nutrition Diary ($97 Value)
Total Value: $582
So, if you are suffering during this COVID-19 crisis, Minute Movement is implementing this special "pay-what-you-can" policy 
for a limited time:
I want to get you my 
Minute Movement Quickstart Bundle!
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It will not only INSPIRE you with HOPE, 
it will change your life.  
My friend, I proudly offer you my ENTIRE 
Minute Movement Quickstart Bundle...
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